Mount Carmel Baptist Church, Caerphilly

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Church News

' "Look, another man running alone," the king said,  "He must be bringing good news." ' 2 Samuel 18:26


As of February 3rd nominations for candidates for the Diaconate commences. The elections will be held at the AGM on March 21st. Please think carefully and pray over this important issue.


Many thanks to Marjorie for her dogged efforts which have now borne fruit. We now have permission to park in the car park by the Domino Pizza shop on Sunday Mornings  between 10am and 1pm. However to do so you will need a Parking permit explaining that you are attending Mount Carmel. These can be obtained from Terry Beal.

Sad News 

Two of our long standing members have suffered bereavemnts in January. First we learnt that the brother of our hard working Secretary, David, had died suddenly. At the same his wife was in hospital with a broken pelvis.

We have also just learnt that Phil Harries brother Norman has also passed away aged 90.

The funeral service for Norman Harries was held at Mount Carmel At 12 noon on Thursday January 24th followed by Burial at Penyrheol Cemetery at 1.00 pm. The Rev Howard Jones 


Our thoughts and prayers go out to both of our friends at this time.

The Tea-room roof

This has been a regular cause of problems thro' leaks over the years. It has been repaired several times in the memory of the writer and each time we have been assured that we would have many dry years. However the last spell of wet weather that ended the period of hot weather proved too much for it. Inspection revealed that repairs would not be sufficient and that the best option was to replace the flat roof with a pitched roof. Quotations were obtained by the deacons to decide what would be the best course of action.

 At a special Church meeting on October 25th it was decided to go ahead with replacing the roof. With this in mind the annual Church gift day that was held back from it's usual September date has now been designated to be put towards the cost of this work. All donations should be clearly marked 'TEA Room Roof' and forwarded to our Treasurer Phil Black. Although the work has now been completed Phil will still gratefully accept contributions to the cost of the work.. 

Kids’ Club: (Carmel Kidz)

Already we are seeing the results of employing Alyson with a club for young children being started on Wednesdays in term time. It runs from 5.45 pm to 7.00 pm,  Alyson already has a team of four, but would welcome other helpers simply being there!

Sunday Morning Worship:

If anyone would like in-house training for the following: computer (SongPro), use of Clavinova during services, or provision of sound, please see David as soon as possible.

Gaps exist in the Communion Rota (foyer wall). If you can fill a gap, please see Lynne as soon as possible.

Pastoral Visiting Team:

Everyone is invited to join the team in support of the Diaconate. If you are interested, please see David as soon as possible.

Church Choir:

If you would like to join the Church Choir, please see Marjorie or simply join us after Morning Service on Sundays. You do not have to be solo standard, as long as you can reasonably sing in tune, Marjorie will be pleased to see you.