Mount Carmel Baptist Church, Caerphilly

Serving God and the community

Church Facilities

Mount Carmel's building like many other churches is quite often unused for much of the week.  We would like to see it in use more often and the following pictures will show what is available. There is no fixed charge for the use of the building but a donation towards upkeep is welcomed. Users are also expected to leave the building in the state in which they find it. If interested please contact in the first instance Mrs Jenny Benjamin the church secretary. 

Main Entrance

Front entrance vestibule

Sanctuary - from pulpit

View of sanctuary from pulpit

From gallery towards pulpit (the light blue foam rubber sheets in the right hand balcony are wrapped around the downstairs columns when we move the chairs to the side and the toddler group use the room).

View of snactuary towards pulpit from gallery

Ground floor vestry / meeting room.

Vestry meeting room

Another view of vestry showing audio visual equipment

Vestry showing audio visual equipt

Tea room with adjoining kitchen (through hatch).

showing the tea room with kitchen hatch

Kitchen showing cooking facilities

view of kitchen

Kitchen showing sinks and serving hatch

view of kitchen showing sinks and hatch

Groundfloor toilets at rear of building with separate baby changing room (there are also toilets off the main entrance foyer)


Upstairs meeting / classroom

Upstairs meetingclassroom

Another view of upstairs meeting room showing doors to toilets and dedicated kitchen in background

upstairs meeting showing toilet and kitchen doors in background

This upstairs room can be accessed through a side door without impacting on the other rooms in the building. The side door can also be used to access the vestry and tea room.