Mount Carmel Baptist Church, Caerphilly

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Church Renovation

Great news. We've paid off the loan! Initially the loan was scheduled to be paid off in 10 years but Phil has reported that we have already made the final payment. Many thanks to all who have contributed and especially to those kind souls who supplied the loan and made it possible for Mount Carmel to continue to worship in our building.


In order to carry out the extensive programme of renovation to the Church, which all who see agree was very successful, it was necessary for the church to take out substantial loans. The donors of the these loans have been very generous in their terms but still the loans need to be repaid. The aim was to repay the loans over a period of years and in order that the funds are available a system of pledges was set up to cover the necessary repayments. 

 The  system of pledges commenced in September, 2014, and gave everyone pledging the opportunity to set up Standing Orders etc. However, if unable to pledge and you wished to contribute to the Church Building Fund, you could  put any donation into the weekly collection but in an envelope clearly marked for the 'Building Fund'