Mount Carmel Baptist Church, Caerphilly

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'Know well the condition of your flock, and give attention to your herds.' Proverbs 16:3

AMENDMENT From April 3rd the service will stay at 11.00am but refreshments will be available after the service. This will be trialled until the May Church meeting when it will be considered which or neither option tried will be carried forward.

The change to the service time from February 6th was for a trial period with the service starting  at 11.00am with refreshments available before.

Sunday April 3rd will see the rev Rhiannon Francis leading this Communion service.

The readings are:-

     Hebrews  5 vs 5-10 and John 12 vs 20-33.

Sunday April 10 is Palm Sunday and Rhiannon will lead the morning service and in the afternoon at 4.30pm there will be a family service. The reading for the morning service is from Mark chap 11 vs 1 - 11. and the title of the sermon is :-

The King is Coming

Monday April 11th has the Ladies Fellowship Easter Service taking place at 2.00pm all are welcome - you don't have to be a lady.

Thursday April 14th is Maundy Thursday and a joint service for the Churches of Caerphilly will be held at St Martins starting at 7pm.

Friday April 15th - Good Friday and the joint service will be held at Mount Carmel at 10.30am.

Also on that day Father John will be leading Stations of the Cross in Caerphilly town centre.

Sunday April 17th - Easter Day. Rhiannon will lead our Communion service.

Earlier that day at 7.30 am there will be the Son Rise service on Caerphilly Mountain top.

Sunday April 24th is the Ladies Fellowship Anniversary Service and the service will be led by Mrs Bernice Davies.

Sunday May 1st - Wynford Jones will lead our Communion service.

Sunday May 8th -  The service will be led by the Rev Rhiannon Francis from her home. Due to both her and Ceinwen having tested positive for Covid they are isolating at home ,she will be preaching via a Zoom link. We have trialled the link and it was successful but please be patient with us on Sunday.

Sunday May 15th Unfortunately Both Rhiannon and Caeinwen are still suffering from Covid and we will again Zoom the service. This does however get round the access problems caused by the Caerphilly 10k taking place that morning. 

The reading is from Timothy chap2 v 1-7.

Sunday May 22nd

Wynford Jones will lead our service this Sunday. this was planned but is fortuitous with Rhiannon still suffering from Covid.