Mount Carmel Baptist Church, Caerphilly

Serving God and the community

'It is more blessed to give than to receive.' Acts 20:35

February is Home Mission month. Envelopes will be placed on the chairs during the month and if you can gift aid it will make you gift worth 25% more.

Last year £167814.59 was collected in South Wales.

Used postage stamps

Please give all the stamps that you get on correspondence received to Phil and he will pass them on to Home Mission to sell.  The total in recent years has been around £4000, not quite as much as previous years but still a valuable contribution that costs us nothing. Not so many people send letters these days but if you do get them don't forget to bring the stamps to Phil.  

This last Christmas it was suggested that instead of sending cards to other members of the congregation we put one to all members on the noticeboard and make a donation instead. £57 was collected and this has been sent to Rainbow of Hope together with the loose collection from the Carol Service.

Bridging the Gap

A Big Thank you: The team at BTG are very grateful for the food that is donated to them throughout the year. Please continue to bring tinned and dry foods to put in the TRUG. If you would like to be involved with the distribution of foodstuffs at Connect Life please see David. 

We see on TV of the problems families have through the school holidays with those children normally in receipt of free school meals sometimes going hungry. Giving to BTG is one way to help with this problem. The additional expense to a family can amount to £30 to £40.

Half term will soon be with us, another difficult time for struggling families.

We have recently been advised by the team at BTG of items of food that they are constantly using and not always contained in donations. These are:-

Long Life milk, tinned fruit, tinned Custard, tinned Rice Pudding, tinned vegetables and tinned fish.

Rainbow of Hope:

It's getting colder

So let’s make a conscious effort over the next months to provide the Cardiff homeless with the clothes (in decent condition) that we no longer want or simply do not fit us now! If you can contribute, please place the clothes in a plastic sack labelled, Rainbow of Hope, and Elsie & Bernard will do the rest.