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Flower Festival

'On the walls around the temple, in both the inner and outer rooms, he carved cherubim, palm trees and open flowers.' 1 Kings 6:29

Flower Festival 2023.

Marjorie now needs to know if there is sufficient

interest for Mount Carmel to get involved.

Flower festival 2020

It iwas obviously not possible to hold the normal Flower Festival in 2020 and the Caerphilly Council of Churchess decided to organise a virtual Flower Festival. The prime actors in this were Rev. Alana Lawrence at Wesley and Jenny Ralph at Bethel Penyrheol. The usual  displays were also not be possible so the suggestion was that photographs of garden flowers are submitted to Alana who then compiled collages of each churches offerings.

Here are just a few photos that were submitted by Mount Carmel. A more extensive selection will be printed and placed on the church noticeboard.



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Our Flower Festival displays this year (2019) were on the theme of the World of Music with displays highlighting types of music appropriate to various countries.

Russia  Russia

FranceFranceMexico Mexico

Japan Japan

 Austria Australia

Austria Austria

Spain Spain

Holland Holland

The overall organisers and sponsors of the Festival are the local council and we are grateful to them for their support and publicity. A report of the festival was published in our local free newspaper The Caerphilly Observer and it was encouraging to see photos of two of Mount Carmel displays in the article as well as a quote from the driving force at Mount Carmel - Marjorie.

Report on the 2016 Flower Festival

June seemed to come so quickly to us at busy Mount Carmel church this year. Most of us seem to be so involved with pre-Messy Church planning, that the Flower Festival was suddenly upon us.

2016 Flower festivalAt a meeting of all the participating organisations and churches hoping to take part this year, we decided not to have one universal theme, but let each organisation choose their own. We decided on the theme of “Simple Pleasures”. Everyone needs a hobby or pastime to de-stress in today’s busy world. So we chose our own simple pleasures to illustrate with flowers.

We are so glad to be able to take part in this annual festival funded by Caerphilly Town Council. It brings many visitors into Caerphilly, and many people into the nine churches taking part. Some of these people probably never enter a church throughout the year, so it is so good to converse with them when they are looking at the floral displays. However, I did not think there were so many visitors this year probably because there was a Military march and display on in the town, and a Welsh “Ffiliffest” in the castle that day.

A display at the 2016 flower festival

We ourselves were pleased by our displays. These included floral arrangements on the hobbies of Genealogy, Fishing, Visiting the Theatre, Art, Choral singing, Bird watching, Gardening, Rambling, Doing Puzzles, Reading, Sport and Ballet dancing. Our Art Group also added to the occasion with a plethora of paintings relating to simple pleasures.

Our finale to the festival was our “Songs of Praise” on Sunday. Quite a lot of visitors joined us to celebrate the wonderful world God has created and the vast amount of simple pleasures we can enjoy. Our church choir always seem to excel themselves on these occasions, and we were so glad to have an extra tenor with Clive, the Church Facilitator during the pastoral vacancy at our Church, joining us.

The flower display on the stage

Soon we will be dismantling all these displays, but I am sure some of these flowers will be given as bouquets to house-bound people. The fellowship we have as we all work together, and the fellowship we have enjoyed when visiting other churches, all give praise to God, and makes the effort so worth-while.

What will 2017 bring?

Marjorie Gray     June 2016

In 2017 the theme was literature and well known stories were the subject of the displays.

An appropriate topic for the area - HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEYphoto of flower festival book how green valley


daniel in lions den ff


the snowman book ff